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Not available in stores or markets, Terrapin Tie Dye, located in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, is your online source for original dyes. Items pictured are samples, most are already sold. They give a good idea of what is available.

Browse through the site. If you see something that you like, send me an email or cal 905-528-0546 and leave a message. As long as you have internet banking, you can easily email me the agreed upon amount. If you don't have internet banking, you can mail me a cheque. If you are unhappy with your purchase I accept exchanges.

No tax on baby and children's items. Taxes are included in the price for adult items. You will be charged for shipping. Or come to the house and look through the stock. Cash accepted on pick up.

Contact me also if you have any suggestions. Custom orders also welcome.

Recently, Gene contacted me about aprons - he wanted large ones. I told him that unfortunately my aprons are all on the small side. He found his own, 100% cotton aprons and mailed them to me. Here they are modelled by my friend Helena.

Here is his reaction:

Hi Kerry,

They have arrived!

Absolutely stunning. I am going to count these with the few pieces of original art that I own. I can’t decide which of the two I like the best. I rather like the way the straps picked up a little of the blue dye. It makes a nice contrast with the tie dye on the body of the aprons.

I actually pay the bills by working in nuclear and corrosion research. Over the years I have learned to appreciate quality workmanship and I must say these are the real deal!

If any of my friends are brave enough to wear these aprons I will be sure to direct them your way.

Thanks for all your fine work and until next time

Isn't that sweet?


tiedye apron

tie dye apron

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